How to play Omaha Poker, and the different types of Omaha games

For one to play Omaha games in online casinos, the interested player must find an online casino that offers the platform to play the games. You will have to register with the casino and open an account to become a member. You then go ahead and give details of your profile and a payment option to enable you to withdraw and deposit cash when playing.

As a beginner in playing online poker, it is crucial that you understand how to play Omaha poker before risking a lot of money.

The basics of Omaha poker online game

The players are given four hole cards each instead of two cards as is the case with Texas Hold’em. The board has five community cards which are face-up meaning everyone in the game can be able to see the cards.

With nine cards at your disposal, you have better chances of making combinations using three of the community cards and two of your hole cards. Please note that is the only way of making your combinations; three from the community board and two from your hole cards. Nothing more, nothing less.

The betting starts from the player next to the big blind in a clockwise direction.

If you have played Texas Hold’em, then Omaha will be easy because the rules are the same except for the number of cards. But if you have no idea how to play Omaha online poker, the system gives suggestions for the best combination.

Common terms used in Omaha Online Poker

  • Checking – If you prefer not to act but still want to keep your cards, we say that you have checked. When you check, you do not have to bet.
  • Open – This a word used when one is starting a new round of betting. It can happen when the player is the first to bet or if the previous player checked.
  • Fold – This refers to an action to show that you are not willing to participate when it’s your turn to play. Folding prevents you from making any bet, and you cannot win because you didn’t have any stakes in it.
  • Call – When the next player matches the bet of the previous player, it is said that you have called.
  • Raise – This is when a player wants to change the opening bet by increasing it. Most players who raise, have a strong hand, and are hopeful they can win the pot within the first round.
  • Re-raise – when the first player makes a raise, the next players can choose to increase the bet higher than the first player’s raise.
  • Pre-flop – when you see your four hole cards, you have the choice to either call or raise the bets.
  • Flop – it is the three community cards accessible to active players after the first round.
  • The turn – this is the 4th community cards available to the active players in an online Omaha game.
  • The river – it is the last face-up community cards available the active players. It’s usually the fifth round.
  • Showdown – when the land round is over, and there is more than one player, each active player has to show their cards. The player with the best combination wins.

Types of Omaha online poker games

There are three types of Omaha games:

Pot limit

In this Omaha game, the player can bet from minimum amount to the total size of the pot. If a player chooses to raise, then it must be the same as the previous bet or the size of the pot. For example, if the pot limit game is a £10

First player

The pot is £10

Maximum bet from the first hand is £10

Second player

The pot becomes £20 (a total of the previous pot plus the first player’s bet).

Fixed limit

It is simpler to calculate the bets when playing a fixed limit because there is a fixed guide for fixed limit online poker. For example, if the fixed limit is £5/£10 then the blinds will be £2.5 (half of the small blind) and £9 (the previous number before the big blind).

The raise is usually double the size of the bet.

No limit Omaha

The player has the chance to bet as high as all their chips. The minimum bet is equal to the highest blind. For example, if the no limit blinds are £10/£20, the minimum bet for the player is £20.

To make a raise, the bet must be a minimum of the previous bet. When the first player made a bet of £20, the second player has to raise at least £20 increasing the pot to £40.

Tips and tricks for novice players

Playing at a low limit will make you concentrate on learning the game rather than winning. If you start high, your mind will be on making sure that you get your money back, hence you play when you are stressed, which lowers your chances of winning.

If another player raises a bet, don’t be in a rush to increase too. As stated above, most players will raise when they know they have a strong Omaha hands.

If you are entirely new to the game, start playing the fixed limit casino game. It is easy to understand the betting procedures and learn at least one Omaha Poker strategy than the other Omaha online games.