Kick back with some online casino after an intense poker session

If you take your poker sessions seriously, then after a game you’re probably either hyped because you won a few quid and had an awesome game, or you’re wiped because it was hard work. Maybe both. Poker is more a marathon than a sprint. What do you do next? Watch more reality TV and get annoyed rather than entertained, annoy your friends by discussing the minutes of said session, or something else? You’re still buzzing, right?

Perhaps, like any good athlete, you should do some warm-down exercises. In game speak that means have some fun and hit the slots or roulette tables and let chance play a hand. You never know, you might hit the jackpot. You don’t have to spend anything either – always a bonus, literally.

Best online casino games to entertain poker players

Like a keen hunter will pick up the gun at a fairground stall and shoot a target, confident it’ll be good enough to win the biggest fluffy rabbit, your skills at gaming may well come in handy at any of the dozens of UK online casinos, see if you need help finding one. But as you’re a hardy poker player, your instincts will no doubt pull you towards the classics, so we’ll look at three worthy subjects, which combined with poker are what make any casino a proper casino. In reality, it’s your gaming room you’re transforming into a virtual one, and playing any of these should help you kick back:

Play blackjack online

If you want to play something light but still tests your mental abilities, playing a game of blackjack online might be your thing; if you’ve played it with actual cards in bygone times, then you’ll remember it’s a true classic which deserves a place in your gaming hub.

Online slots

Playing slots online is a lot of fun. There may be instances when you need to use a little skill, but for the most part it comes down to luck. And one thing you can almost guarantee is that every site offers free spins as part of their bonuses. Better still, you can win real cash to help bankroll your poker sessions. There’s a huge variety, including traditional three-reel versions and the modern five-reel fruit machine types. Winning lines come in all varieties too, expect to see horizontal, vertical and patterned pay-lines. Enough to keep you engaged, but no strain on your brain cells.

For pure luck: roulette online

This is gambling at its rawest form. A 50/50 chance of winning or losing on red or black, or you can really push things and choose a number too. As a poker player, you’ll have had the debates over skill versus luck, and now, as a punter loose in a casino, you deserve to enjoy being seduced by Lady Luck.

Continue unwinding and get your reality fix with a live dealer casino

If you’ve not tried a live dealer casino game yet, you absolutely must give one a shot. Try many. If you’re going to transform your gaming room into a casino kitted out with fun stuff to help you unwind, then introducing a live dealer to the equation could be the final touch. You contemplated watching reality TV, but you knew you’d probably get bored. Putting a new angle on your gaming experience might help with the void you’re trying to fill; some real human connection.

The reality of live dealer casinos

Remember, it’s still early days in the realms of developing true kick-ass software to bring live dealers to every online casino. There are obvious limitations, like most requiring Flash, and needing a super-reliable internet connection so the streaming technology works seamlessly. Otherwise, it will be more frustrating than watching someone doing stupid things on TV. It won’t give you the warm-down you deserve.

It’s good news

The great news is that the most popular live sessions on offer by most UK online casinos include blackjack and roulette. And yes, the dealers are usually pretty hot, and they do interact with you. We’ve got a whole section dedicated to this blossoming topic, so feel free to dive into our archives, and check in to see what’s new.

Finally, invite a few of your mates around to join in the fun. If you haven’t already, you’ll meet some cool people and make new friends gaming, but there’s no substitute for the physical company of others. Show off your set-up, relax, and be entertained.